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Virtual Private Network, which secures your iPhone's and iPad's Internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you're sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes.

You can download VPN for Phone application in App Store. App Store is available for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. VPN for Phone is available for iOS devices only! Due to this limitation, we can keep prices cheap. In the future we have to bring VPN for Phone to Android too.

To successfully connect to VPN service we belive that you have downloaded VPN for Phone in your iOS device. If you don't know where to download VPN for Phone app, please see previous question.

  1. Download VPN configuration to your iPhone / iPad via VPN for Phone App.
  2. After you download VPN configuration, Settings shows up and prompt you to install VPN configuration. Tap to Install button. If Settings need passcode, enter the same passcode when you unlocking iPhone from sleep.
  3. Turn on VPN under Settings->VPN. Be sure you have selected VPN starting with V4P.

You can restore your password on forgot page.


Sometimes network connection fails (mostly if you are on Cellular Network and reception is not optimal). In this case payment will be process and you don't get VPN service. Don't worry and contact us, we always make sure that you get what you paid for!

Technical Support

You have probably activated trial VPN service. Trial VPN service is limited to 3 minutes of connection time, because it is only for testing purposes. After these 3 minutes you're automatically disconnected. If you like our VPN service, upgrade to Premium VPN service for unlimited connection time.

Some WiFi routers (cheaper one's) may have problems with PPTP protocol, so use L2TP instead. If you still cannot connect to VPN service, please try to use VPN service on other network if works, or contacts us and we help you to connect successfully to VPN.

We don't limit the bandwidth, but we have to avoid of heavy users which harms the server resources. We have to keep the service quality for all users. So as you can see in terms of service we have right to slowdown the speed to user, who has daily average total traffic higher than 4GB. This is applied only in case that user have several days in row daily traffic average higher than 4GB. In other words, if you overreach 4GB only few times in month, we don't limit your speed at all, but if you overreach 4GB every day, we may use FUP policy.

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Please look on FAQ above, most common problems are described.

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